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Toys for kids

The game "FISHING"

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A fishing game is a great toy for a child\'s personality development, education, and leisure. The child will learn to develop their patience and stubbornness to catch all the fish and develop coordination because catching fish with a small rod...

Constructor 6 in 1

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The constructor consists of 32 parts: 6 different solar-powered toys are built from them - moving mini robots: windmill, 2 types of airplanes, boat, car, pet.

Drawing board with crayons

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  • Easily glued to any flat surface - not only the wall, but also the door, refrigerator, cabinet, table;
  • If necessary, it is also easily and glued off the surface;
  • You can draw or write...

Toy cash register

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The set consists of:

  • Microphone with calculator function;
  • Scanning machine with light and sound signals;
  • Credit card;
  • Plastic food basket;
  • 8 pcs. Coins;
  • 2 pcs....

Toy vacuum cleaner set

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Dimensions: height to the handle - 51 cm, width / length 30cmx25cm, lower shelf - 23cmx27cm, upper shelf 20cmx26cm

Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner: length 19 cm + 77 cm hose, height - 11 cm, width - 13 cm